The Conservation Coast

The Conservation Coast is a brand developed by FUNDAECO, which has established a network of protected areas, ecotourism sites and attractions and developing community projects across Guatemala´s Green Caribbean Coast since 1990. FUNDAECO is committed to ensure the conservation through sustainable tourism, involving local communities and protecting the biodiversity through responsible development and giving a devoted love to all local ecosystems and its inhabitants.

The Conservation Coast offers a wide spectrum of sustainable tourism sites and products for the many different tastes, requirements, and customer profiles of tourism industry.

By visiting our sites you will be supporting the following:

The nature conservation and biodiversity protection, as all our entrance fees include an "Ecological Footprint" tariff that will contribute directly to the sustainable management of protected areas.

Sustainable community development as all of our products and sites ensure participation, income and capacity development for our community partners.

The enforcement of local environmental regulations, carrying capacity limits and operating agreements, as The Conservation Coast sites and products requires strong environmental compliance across the supply chain.

Visit our sites and enjoy the wonders of nature while helping us protect our natural heritage!